TokyoEKA 英語を学ぶ子供イベント

東京近郊にて毎月楽しいイベントを企画しています。1回の参加からOK、契約は不要です。TokyoEKA 楽しい子供イベントに参加してみませんか?

Let the EPIC adventure begin!


TokyoEKA 英語を学ぶ子供イベント

TokyoEKA 英語を学ぶ子供イベント

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Events This Month

Come join us for a day of adventure!

Tokyo English Kids Adventure TokyoEKA クリスマス イベント 東京英会話

Let’s have a party!

It’s that time of the year again! Let’s learn some Christmas songs, read stories, and decorate some delicious cookies. Of course there will be games too!
Can you wrap a present? Let’s try!

Our upcoming events

Come join us for a day of adventure!

Tokyo English Kids Adventure TokyoEKA 子供の バレンタインチョコレート イベント

Let’s make chocolates!

Valentines Day is coming!
Let’s make some chocolates to share with our loved ones.

We will put together a chocolate basket!
Including Jason’s original Oreo cookie chocolates!

お花見&お絵かき、東京、英語、子供イベント - TokyoEka

Painting in the park!

Let’s have a picnic together!
Can you tell your teacher what is in your lunch box?
Painting cherry blossoms!

Tokyo English Kids Adventure - Scavenger Event Yoyogi Park

スカベンジャーゲーム - TokyoEKA 英語を学ぶ子供イベント

Let's go on a Scavenger Hunt!


Tokyo English Kids Adventure - Bubbles in the Park

Let’s make bubbles in the park!

Let’s have snacks together!

Tokyo English Kids Adventure TokyoEKA 子供イベント 子供料理
Tokyo English Kids Adventure TokyoEKA 子供イベント 子供アートけ
Tokyo English Kids Adventure TokyoEKA 子供イベント 子供おでかけ


Creating an active learning environment through adventure!

Fun Adventures

Our first and foremost goal is to have fun! An exciting adventure day in any language is exciting when you are having the time of your life!

Active Education

We want everyone to have fun. We also want to educate. Interacting with the world first hand while learning a language is so much more engrossing.

International Teachers

Spending the day with our global teachers gives kids the opportunity to learn about other cultures and share their world.

Our Past events

Thank You for a wonderful day of adventure!

Tokyo English Kids Adventure TokyoEKA
February 9th, 2020

TokyoEKA 英語を学ぶ子供イベント - Tokyo English Kids Adventure​