Tokyo English kids adventure is group creating fun and educational events around Tokyo!

Let the EPIC adventure begin!

Active Education

Changing the way we learn a new language.

Learning English through our natural environment!

Tokyo English Kids Adventure is a way for kids to learn English in a fun and exciting environment outside of the classroom.

Many children are learning English these days. Tokyo English Kids Adventure wants to change the English classroom concept a little. Why not make our class room an entire zoo, an aquarium, a park… the world!

Learning English in these natural environments creates an endless stream of opportunity. Learn about fish and other aquatic animals at the aquarium or learn about sports in the park! Ask questions as you walk, play and have fun.

Kids love to play and love to visit interesting places.  We put this concept together with our fun English lessons.  Learn core vocabulary, and phrases to use with the teachers during the event. Teachers will reward the children when they use English during the course of the day.

Our teachers love teaching and love kids! So don’t sit around this weekend come out and play, learn and make new friends!

Why should we be learning in an active environment!

  • Active environments are always changing giving us more opportunities to learn
  • Moving the classroom to the park or zoo creates a space where children can feel comfortable while learning
  • Having many different types of events allows the children to lean about things they love and introduce others to new and exciting adventures
  • Children learn more in an exciting and fun environment
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