Learn English through Minecraft: Tokyo English Kids Adventure

TokyoEKA Minecraft Lesson
TokyoEKA Minecraft Lesson

Learn English through Gaming and Adventure at Tokyo English Kids Adventure!

Let’s go on an English Minecraft adventure together!

Welcome to Tokyo English Kids Adventure, where learning English becomes an exciting journey! Our language school takes a fresh and innovative approach to English language education by immersing children in the captivating world of Minecraft. Through immersive gameplay, collaborative projects, and interactive challenges, we create an engaging and fun-filled environment that ignites creativity, enhances communication skills, and fosters a genuine love for the English language.

At Tokyo English Kids Adventure, we understand that children learn best when they are fully engaged and motivated. That’s why we have developed a specialized curriculum that seamlessly integrates the virtual realm of Minecraft with English language learning. With our experienced teachers, small class sizes, and personalized attention, we ensure that every child receives the guidance and support they need to thrive.

Join us on this extraordinary language-learning adventure, where education meets gaming and imagination knows no limits. Let your child unlock their full potential and embark on a journey that will empower them with English language proficiency and invaluable life skills.

Discover Tokyo English Kids Adventure today and witness the transformative power of learning English through the world of Minecraft.

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1 hr Lesson Weekly

10,000 yen / Month

Class materials (Downloadable PDFs)

Voice chat through disscord

Maximum 3 Students in a class

Private Minecraft Lesson Server

This is a private server for lessons only

Access to Students Community Server

You will have access to my 24/7 community students server. You can play here anytime. I also play here in my free time!

Sample Lesson Plan

Key Features

Engaging Learning Environment

We provide a dynamic and immersive learning environment where children learn English through the exciting world of Minecraft. By combining gaming and education, we create an engaging atmosphere that motivates and inspires young learners.

Experienced and Dedicated Teachers

Our team of experienced teachers are passionate about teaching English and are skilled in creating interactive and enjoyable lessons. They are dedicated to providing personalized attention to each student, ensuring their progress and growth.

Integrated Curriculum

Our specialized curriculum seamlessly integrates the Minecraft platform with English language learning. Through interactive gameplay, collaborative projects, and immersive challenges, children develop their language skills while exploring and building within the virtual world.

Small Class Sizes

We maintain small class sizes to foster a supportive and interactive learning environment. This allows our teachers to provide individualized attention, address the unique needs of each student, and promote active participation.

Fun and Exciting Activities

Beyond language learning, we organize fun and exciting activities that complement the Minecraft experience. These activities include virtual field trips, storytelling sessions, and collaborative projects, fostering social interaction and a sense of adventure.

Positive and Supportive Community

We cultivate a positive and supportive community where students feel comfortable expressing themselves and taking risks in their English language development. We promote teamwork, respect, and a sense of belonging among our students.

At Tokyo English Kids Adventure, we strive to provide a unique and enriching English language learning experience that combines the power of gaming, education, and creativity. Join us on this remarkable adventure where learning English becomes an exciting journey!